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Whether you are looking for technology to accomplish your innovative projects or looking for business opportunities or funding for the tech your are providing, SymbiotiQ is here for you to explore and collaborate with the tech ecosystem in Quebec.

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Welcome to SymbiotiQ! We are your gateway to the vibrant and dynamic world of technology and innovation in Quebec.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or simply in need of tech for your project, SymbiotiQ is your one-stop platform to discover cutting-edge technologies and secure funding for your projects.

With our state-of-the-art SWARM+ platform, we connect you with a wide range of technology solutions, from artificial intelligence and blockchain to simply setting a website or a point-of-sale solution for your company. Our extensive network of innovators and tech experts ensures that you’ll find the right technology partner to fuel your growth and success.

But Symbiotiq is not just for people looking for tech. We are also here to help the tech industry by giving it access to a catalogue of funding and business opportunities. Our platform helps you connect with potential funding partners who believe in your vision and are ready to invest in your success and with organization that need help integrating tech into their operations.

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